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Build a Better Archiving Strategy Around Your Social Communications

Managing your business' social media presence is an increasingly difficult job, given the multiple dashboards, platforms and the ever-increasing number of messages and content pushed out through these online accounts. And while it’s critical that your business closely manages its social image, it’s equally as important that your company manage, preserve and store all of its information shared across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Slack, instant messaging, and other collaborative software platforms, especially if your company must ensure its compliance with regulatory or eDiscovery requirements.

If, like many companies, your social media accounts have become an unintended repository for your corporate social media information, then you’ll want to read this paper from Osterman Research and learn how you might be unintentionally putting your company at risk for lapses in security, data loss and breach.

When you download this Osterman Research paper, you’ll learn how to:

  • Meet regulatory and legal requirements by archiving social media information
  • Implement policies to protect against inappropriate social media use
  • Proactively secure your data against ransomware and security threats
  • Archive your business social media content properly

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