Discovery Workshop

Goodbye legacy email archive – now what?

The time has come to say goodbye to your existing email archive.

Maybe your archiving requirements have changed. Maybe you are migrating to a cloud-based solution, such as Microsoft’s Office 365 Exchange Online or Google Vault. Or maybe you are retiring your legacy email archive solution such as EAS, SourceOne, EmailXtender, NearPoint or Enterprise Vault.

Whatever your reasons, the key question now is what to do with the terabytes of data that you have archived over the years:

  • Turn off your archive and migrate nothing?
  • Migrate the entire contents of your archive?
  • Migrate some of the archive?

What’s in your email archive?

Before making any decisions about what to do with your existing archive or what data to migrate, and before beginning a migration project, industry experts recommend doing a thorough assessment and analysis of your archive and its contents.

Archive360 Discovery Workshop – first step towards migration success

The Archive360 Discovery Workshop is a powerful analysis and reporting tool that leverages Archive360’s industry leading email archiving platform, Archive2Anywhere, to give you the answers you need – fast. In a matter of hours you will know conclusively:

  • How much data is in my archive? What kind of data is it?
  • Could there be content in my email archive or MS Exchange stubs/shortcuts that is subject to regulatory retention or eDiscovery requirements?
  • Does my email archive contain content that is of value to my organization?
  • How much of the data is from inactive users (such as former employees)?
  • Will there be any change to my users’ experience, if I move or delete MS Exchange stubs/shortcuts?
  • Do I need to migrate my entire email archive and journal archive?