Email Archive Migration for Mimosa Autonomy NearPoint

Your organization has relied on Mimosa NearPoint email archiving software to manage your Exchange mailbox size, as well as for compliance and eDiscovery. Now you need email archive migration services to move NearPoint legacy email archives to a new system.

Perhaps your organization is moving to a cloud-based email system such as Office 365 or Gmail. Or your archiving vendor may have been acquired or gone out of business, leaving you with unsupported or obsolete technology.

Whatever your situation, you now face the challenge of deciding how to address your email archiving needs in the future and what to do with the terabytes of email stored in your archive. You also have to consider how best to decommission your NearPoint legacy email archive and migrate the archive content. You are concerned about data fidelity and access to archived mail.

Key Email Archive Migration Concerns

Most organizations moving to a new archiving environment have similar questions and concerns, such as:

  • How much data do I actually have in my archive and what kind of data is it?
  • How much “dark data” do I have (such as archived messages from inactive users and leavers)?
  • Do I need to migrate the entire archive and the journal archive?
  • What happens to messages that have been stubbed or shortcut?
  • I have ongoing or pending litigation; can I still migrate my mail?
  • How do I manage archive email that is under legal hold?
  • Will I be able to account for 100% of my archived mail?
  • How long will a migration take?
  • Will migrating my archive delay my Exchange implementation project?

Migrate Mimosa Autonomy NearPoint Product Highlights

Archive2Anywhere for NearPoint is the premier email archive migration solution designed specifically to work with NearPoint.

Archive2Anywhere is fully integrated with NearPoint Index Object Repositories (IORs) for faster, more accurate extractions. Archive2Anywhere extracts raw messages and attachments including metadata directly from NearPoint. It maintains an item-level audit trail for compliance reporting and preserves complete, original message fidelity for eDiscovery and regulatory requests.

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Additional key features and benefits include:

  • Multi-threaded, multi-server platform
    Provides the highest performance and accuracy of all migration solutions
  • No reliance on Mimosa NearPoint API
    Faster, more accurate data extractions
  • Full integration with Mimosa NearPoint SQL DB and Index Object Repositories (IOR’s)
    Ensures full legal defensibility
  • Does not require indexing or data gathering before extraction
    Begin message extraction within minutes of installation unlike other solutions that take days or weeks to index before start
  • NearPoint Outlook Shortcut (stubs) Management and reconciliation
    Ensures all mailbox stubs are found, reconciled, recombined, redirected or deleted with full documentation, and reduces help desk calls and end-user issues
  • No data conversions needed
    Migrated data can be represented as original in regulatory or legal situation
  • Full Folder structure and custom MAPI properties reconstruction
    Provides valuable forensic data not available with other migration solutions
  • Intuitive and powerful graphical user interface
    Less time needed for training – faster time to migration
  • Message level chain of custody reporting
    Legally defensible reporting reduces eDiscovery risk