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60%+ of enterprise executives plan to retire current SaaS applications amid growing security fears

New Research from Pulse Q&A detailing Security Requirements for SaaS Vendors

Some companies are troubled by the current level of security and accountability provided by their SaaS vendors. Why?

Because many vendors often use the same encryption keys for multiple customers. When companies unlock data for one customer using keys that also protect other customers’ archives, they are exposing other tenants’ data to potential risk.

In this study, we surveyed 100 IT executives in enterprise companies on their level of confidence in their SaaS platforms.

  • Nearly all executives surveyed (92 percent) believe they will require SaaS vendors to provide more tailored and flexible security options in the future.
  • Only 19 percent of respondents said 75 percent or more or more of their SaaS vendors meet all of their security requirements.
  • Seventy percent of companies said they have made at least one security exception for a SaaS vendor.

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