Public Sector Archiving Solutions that Keep Information Accessible and Secure

An intelligent cloud-based information management solution that reduces the time, cost, and complexity of preserving and responding to public information and records requests. With Archive360 you’re able to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce infrastructure costs, minimize risks, and implement a strategy for long-term archiving of all your information in the cloud.


Federal, state, and local governmental agencies must preserve and store substantial amounts of structured and unstructured data in order to effectively fulfill any number of public, legal and regulatory requests.  Information including: planning documents, communications, emails, legal data, financial reporting, social content, and more, must not only be secure, it must also be readily accessible.

Archive360 enables agencies in the public sector to maintain efficient, secure, and cost-effective IT operations while providing the scalability needed to support the growing storage demands of electronic media.  Our intelligent, information archiving solutions accurately move legacy, on premise archive, outdated application data, and decommissioned data centers to the cloud, ensuring information is always protected, readily available, and stored in a manner that addresses regulatory requirements.

Our solutions enable the Public Sector to:

Increase business efficiency and reduce time to respond to FOIA requests

Comply with privacy laws, regulatory mandates and security requirements

Natively store all your archive in an immutable format without vendor lock-in

Make informed decisions using powerful search, advanced eDiscovery

Eliminate legacy, on premise archives and data centers and move the information to the cloud

Establish proper data governance with policy-driven rules and secure, role-based access

Effectively scale to manage data growth and ensure business continuity

Gain a unified view of all your information through a single, intuitive dashboard

Store and manage petabytes of data and billions of objects across multiple geographic locations



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