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Meeting Digital Transformation mandates for Government Agencies

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Meeting Cloud-First and Cloud-Smart Federal Mandates

U.S. federal agencies are under Presidential mandate to move to the cloud for cost savings, security, and employee accessibility. 

Cloud-Smart is the federal government’s strategy for modernizing Federal Information Technology (IT) to improve citizen-facing services, accessibility, and maintain cybersecurity.

The Cloud-First requirement is the government’s 25-point plan to reform federal information technology management. 

Agencies are turning to Archive360 to realize their Digital Transformation strategies by leveraging their own Azure tenancy for information management and archiving requirements.


A Consolidated Platform for All Information

Federal, state, and local governmental agencies must preserve and store substantial amounts of structured and unstructured data in order to effectively fulfill any number of public, legal and regulatory information requests - FOIA.

We provide one central location for: employee work product, emails and other communications, legal data, financial reporting, social content, and more, that will be secure and readily accessible.

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"Peace of Mind" Knowing Data Security is Totally in YOUR Control

Uniquely, our solution is built to extend the native security of Microsoft Azure while providing the compliance capabilities to meet your regulatory requirements. Access controls, integration with Azure AD, and encryption of data in transit and at rest  (using your keys) prevents alteration, duplication or deletion of records.

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Managing Data Growth in the Public Sector

With Archive360 you’re able to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce infrastructure costs, minimize risks, and implement a strategy for long-term archiving of all your information in the cloud.