Managing Unstructured Healthcare Data in the Cloud

Discover compliant archiving solutions that secure patient and clinical information from breach or intrusion, so you’re able to ensure privacy, compliance with regulatory mandates, and ensure proper data retention and legal holds are applied. With Archive360 solutions, you’re able to immutably store and manage all your unstructured information and communications, and maximize your investment in the Microsoft Cloud.



Today, nearly 80 percent of the 1.2 billion clinical care documents produced annually falls into the category of unstructured data. As a result, many healthcare organizations have volumes of unstructured clinical and application data sitting in expensive, on premise systems that are not only difficult to manage and maintain, many of these aged systems place these organizations at risk for breach, data loss, and regulatory fines due to non-compliance.

With Archive360, you’re able to migrate and manage unstructured clinical information and communications including scanned documents, physicians’ notes, dictated recordings, phone messages, administrative documents, clinical research, reports, and insurance information and consolidate all of it within the more affordable Azure cloud, so you’re able to do more with your healthcare data than simply back up or store it.

Maintain healthcare data in its true, native format along with its metadata

Increase productivity while automating compliance, security and retention tasks

Utilize powerful analytics and reporting for eDiscovery and legal requirements

Ensure data is readily accessible and secure whenever, and wherever its needed

Seamlessly migrate and reduce on premise storage costs by as much as 90%

DICOM Archiving

DICOM Archiving

Diagnostic imaging in the healthcare industry continues to grow exponentially every year as CT scans, MRIs, tomography, X-rays, and other formats, are more heavily relied on by physicians and hospitals. Healthcare organizations need affordable, alternative long-term storage of Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) files that enable them reduce costs in their data center and limit their reliance on costly, Picture Archive and Communications Systems (PACS).

By adopting a cloud-based solution to support the long-term storage of DICOM files, healthcare organizations can greatly reduce physical storage costs and ensure regulatory compliance. And be able able to achieve this while consolidating their diagnostic imaging, data, and communications from across disparate PACS silios into a single, secure and easy to access archive in the Azure cloud without affecting patient care and raising the overall costs of healthcare administration.

The More Efficient and Lower Cost Solution

Archive2Azure simplifies workflows and reduces the cost to manage and access DICOM and other digital images stored across multiple PACS. This capability is critical as more healthcare organizations undergo mergers and acquisitions, requiring them to quickly and affordably integrate disparate digital systems into a single, compliant cloud archive where historical data and images can be stored and accessed on an ongoing basis by clinicians without incurring additional hardware, software or support costs

Adding a second, cost-effective storage and management layer to PACS (Fig. 1), Archive2Azure leverages the customer’s policies and Azure tenant to automatically move historical images for long-term storage in the cloud, as well as easy retrieval based date created/last accessed or patient status.

Reduce on premise, digital imaging storage costs by as much as 90%

Automate image movement from on premise to the Azure cloud, including Azure storage tiers

Easily acquire, access, and return images quickly to providers regardless of the storage location

Ensure compliance with healthcare regulatory and security mandates

Retain images in native format, including all metadata

Preserve DICOM access while reducing the footprint in your data center

Geographically replicate healthcare data for better disaster recovery processes



Compliance for highly regulated industries such as healthcare can be a complicated process when it comes to archiving and managing clinical and application data, as well as electronic communications. Archive360 helps you proactively meet the requirements of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Affordable Care Act (ACA), so you’re able to discover, search, secure and ensure the compliance of private healthcare information wherever the data is stored—so your team can focus more on improving patient outcomes, and less time of data compliance.

Archive360 solutions help you ensure that your unstructured clinical data and communications is managed, protected and kept in full compliance by enabling you to:

Preserve legal chain of custody with full audit trails while ensuring inalterability

Ensure information immutability via write once, read many (WORM) storage

Implement powerful policy-based compliance with full auditing and reporting capabilities

Quickly respond to legal holds and eDiscovery requests with powerful search and case management



Whether it’s unstructured healthcare data or sensitive patient communications, Archive360 has your security covered. Archive360 solutions protect your information, enforce access control and data retention and disposition policies, and maximize your control and security, so you can rest assured that your data is safeguarded both in-transit and at rest in the cloud.

We achieve this by providing you with comprehensive and robust safeguards, such as powerful encryption, secure access control, risk management, process auditing and monitoring to prevent breach, loss of data, or unauthorized access to private information.



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