Data Management Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Archive and Manage Healthcare Data in Your​ Azure Cloud

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Consolidate All of Your Medical Data in Your Cloud

Data consolidation into your cloud ensures higher security, lower costs, faster access, and more insightful AI-enabled analytics. 

Archive2Azure is the industry’s leading open-standard, intelligent enterprise archiving solution for your diverse range of healthcare data.


AI-Enabled Information Management

Archiving healthcare data to your Azure Cloud will provide measurable economies of scale to enable all healthcare organizations to take advantage of the benefits of next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies including smart information management and data insights.

Utilize cloud-based AI to reduce costs, incorporate powerful analytics, and improve security, agility, and scalability.


Moving the Needle in Healthcare

Extract more value from your healthcare data while leveraging your investment in the cloud. Achieve compliance, secure sensitive data, reduce storage-related costs, and increase the efficiency of your IT infrastructure and overall business.

Intelligent Healthcare Archiving

Our platform is designed from the ground up to securely manage petabytes of sensitive information and billions of objects across multiple geographic locations by leveraging your Microsoft Cloud while minimizing risk and delivering greater value to healthcare organizations.