Cost Effectively and Securely Manage Your Organization’s Healthcare Data in Your Azure Cloud

Store, manage and analyze all your organization’s sensitive healthcare information while taking advantage of Azure Cloud services for security, records management, and advanced AI/machine learning capabilities

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Move Away from On-Premise Storage Headaches


No Need for Expensive On-Premise Data Storage

Consolidate, onboard, validate, and manage a wide range of healthcare information including communications, IoT data, physicians’ notes, voice recordings, voicemail, administrative documents, research, medical images, and insurance information for cost-effective information management


Keeping Your Data in Full Compliance

Proactively meet data retention and security regulatory requirements of the HIPAA, HITECH Act, and ACA. Consolidate, search, secure, audit all of your organization’s sensitive healthcare data —allowing staff to spend less time on data compliance and more time improving patient outcomes.


Simplify Workflows Across Multiple PACS

Consolidate and simplify processes to meet regulatory mandates, manage mergers and acquisitions, and respond to litigation. Quickly and affordably integrate disparate data systems into a single, compliant cloud archive. Store, manage and quickly access your data, including, DICOM images, without incurring additional hardware, software or support costs.


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