By: Dan Langille on June 18th, 2019

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How to de-risk your archive migration in 10 seconds or less

Microsoft | Preferred Supplier

Stop! In the name of archive migration. Before you issue your PO, ask your vendor this one simple question.

It’s a universal truth; moving sucks.  Whether it be a couch or an archive, moving is usually painful, disruptive, and risky, which is why we all have to bribe our friends with beer and pizza whenever we need to lug a bulky piece of furniture up three flights of stairs. But don’t leave your vendor selection process in the hands of the local pizza joint; ask just one easy question during your process and save yourself the stress of a risky migration.

“Are you a Microsoft preferred supplier?”

What’s the Microsoft Supplier Program?

In Microsoft’s own words:  “The Microsoft Supplier Program (MSP) defines the way key business-critical and strategic suppliers do business with Microsoft, including requirements and expectations, enabling a clear, direct path to success.” 

The MSP is an invite-only gig for suppliers, who have to meet a set of Microsoft Compliance requirements to qualify. By being invited, they have to be deemed capable and competitive through a category certification process.

There’s another step up, too; preferred supplier status. This is an exclusive club, reserved only for the very best. Not every supplier meeting the requirements of the MSP will get admitted, so it’s a real badge of honour.

Ok, but why does it matter to me?

Preferred suppliers in the Microsoft Supplier Program have passed through a rigorous and comprehensive vetting process and been deemed by Microsoft’s procurement office to be “compliant, capable, and competitive.”
Basically, you de-risk your project when you engage a vendor that’s been pre-qualified by Microsoft procurement, because they pack a great deal of meaning into
three little words:

  • Compliant: Preferred suppliers meet the same 'high water' standards to which Microsoft hold itself to, including regulatory & privacy compliance, diversity, accessibility, code of conduct standards, and trust. Plus, preferred suppliers have been vetted through Microsoft’s anti-corruption and fraud screening process, meaning they’re certifiably reliable.
  • Capable: Microsoft considers its preferred suppliers to be the best of the best for what they do, which they base on their own experience of the company, and customer satisfaction.
  • Competitive: Preferred suppliers are financially healthy, are registered with Dun & Bradstreet, and offer max value for cost.

Vendor selection can be a real minefield. And, in the case of an archive migration the wrong choice can lead to serious consequences for your organization’s regulatory compliance posture and e-discovery readiness. 

Take action!

Isn’t it worth an extra 10 seconds to find out which vendors in your process meet Microsoft’s stringent standards for supplier excellence?  Your migration project team, legal counsel, and your Chief Compliance Officer will thank you for it.

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