Archive 2-Anywhere Product Suite
EV Edition - How it Works

How Enterprise Vault Edition Works

Archive 2-Anywhere™ Enterprise Vault Edition is a high performance software solution, which extracts complete data sets from the Symantec Enterprise Vault email archive and migrates it directly into several available repositories, including: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office365, PST Containers or an EML format. The Enterprise Vault archive data is migrated in a forensically sound manner, retaining all metadata and chain of custody reporting capabilities. Archive 2-Anywhere was created to function at the object level and so does NOT rely on Enterprise Vault API’s. This allows you to bypass Enterprise Vault's data extraction APIs, which have been inconsistent, slow and lacking reconciliation reporting. Archive 2-Anywhere is compatible with all Enterprise Vault releases and can be installed in the existing Enterprise Vault infrastructure or in its own physical or virtualized environment.

  • Performance and Scalability

    Archive 2-Anywhere is a powerful and highly scalable extraction application capable of utilizing multiple processing threads for maximum throughput and running over 40 parallel mailbox extractions on a single server. Typically, Archive 2-Anywhere performs at a rate of over 5 TB per day based on average message size of 200 KB. The only potential extraction bottlenecks that could affect the maximum performance are related to the target storage devices or Exchange Servers.
  • Data Extraction

    Archive 2-Anywhere is capable of extracting all Exchange data from the Enterprise Vault archive, including data that was ingested into Enterprise Vault via PST migration. The following is a list of all Exchange data types that Archive 2-Anywhere supports for extraction:

    • User Exchange data still in Exchange
    • User stubbed data still in Exchange
    • User Exchange data that was deleted from Exchange
    • Stubbed Extended data that was deleted from Exchange
    • Data ingested into Enterprise Vault  via PST migration
    • PST data that end users manually archived into Enterprise Vault

    Most importantly, Archive 2-Anywhere handles all Exchange Message Classes, including but not limited to; IPM.Note, IPM.Contact, IPM.Appointment, IPM.Activity, IPM.StickyNote, IPM.Schedule, IPM.Task.

  • Data Fidelity

    Archive 2-Anywhere extracts raw messages and attachments from the Enterprise Vault archive and reconstitutes them into the original Exchange MSG format. Archive 2-Anywhere extracts a complete set of email metadata from SQL, such as last known folder location, BCC, etc., to ensure a forensically complete collection when responding to an eDiscovery request. All extracted emails are fully MAPI compliant, and can be imported directly into Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, or written as PST or EML to a generic storage repository.

  • Structured Output

    Archive 2-Anywhere extracts archived data into unique folders which are structured by Active Directory Forrest SAM Account Names, SMTP Address, or User Name for easy owner identification. Sub-folders can be used to limit the number of objects per folder. These unique folders contain the extracted email in the specified file format (PST, MSG or EML) making them easily accessible manually or uploaded to a third-party eDiscovery application. For large user archives, PST file splitting allows the creation of any PST file size.

  • Exception Handling

    Archive 2-Anywhere is capable of restoring corrupted emails into a valid .MSG or .EML file for review and reporting. Upon detection of a corrupt email, Archive 2-Anywhere marks the corrupt email as needing further review and an exception report is generated so exceptions can to be manually reviewed, individually or in bulk. The cause of the problem is clearly identified enabling the Administrator to take the proper course of action to address the problem.
  • Graphical User Interface

    Archive 2-Anywhere is run using an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that allows control of the entire extraction process including setting extraction rules, export targets and reporting. Using the GUI, Administrators can search for and select specific users for extraction. The GUI allows full operation of the solution including stub-only extraction from Exchange, complete user extraction of archived Enterprise Vault data, date range extraction and Message Class filtering among many other capabilities. Administrators can prioritize the extraction priority to build extraction queues to create "set-it-and-forget-it" processes. The GUI provides real-time status updates, logs and notifications for easy monitoring and management.