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Enterprise Vault Edition

Archive 2-Anywhere™ Enterprise Vault Edition is the premier email archive migration solution designed specifically to work with the market leading Symantec Enterprise Vault email archiving platform. Archive 2-Anywhere is fully compatible with all capabilities of the Enterprise Vault archive to ensure fast, forensically defensible email migrations directly into Gmail and Google Vault, Microsoft Exchange personal archives, Office 365, other third-party email archives, PST containers, and EML or MSG formats. Archive 2-Anywhere operates at the object level and does NOT require the use of Symantec API’s. This avoids the problems associated with the Enterprise Vault data extraction APIs, which have been shown to be sluggish and inconsistent, and also lacks defensible reconciliation reporting capability, sometimes required in legal and regulatory situations. Utilizing Archive 2-Anywhere for your Enterprise Vault migration, you can be assured of the highest performance, most complete and legally defensible Enterprise Vault migration available. 

The Archive 2-Anywhere application architecture is based on long established Microsoft technologies and runs on standard virtual or physical servers. It is an application-intelligent solution providing deep integration with Exchange on-premise, Exchange Online and Office 365. Archive 2-Anywhere works with all versions of Enterprise Vault and combines tight application integration, performance and reporting in a single, easy to install solution.

  • Enterprise Vault Edition Specifications

    • Dynamic support for ALL Symantec Vault Archive versions. Includes legacy releases (up to EV 7.5) AND EV 8.0 and higher
    • Support for upgraded environments from pre EV 7.5 to EV 8.0 and higher
    • Extraction of all archived email content including metadata
    • Support of email ingested via a PST Migration
    • Support of all Message Classes
    • Support of Message Folder Paths
    • Support for Public Folders
    • Support for Journal Accounts
    • Extraction from Compliant storage such as EMC Centera
    • Powerful message selection criteria:
      • Date based extraction
      • Extraction of all emails
      • Filtering based on Message Class
      • Extraction based on Folder Path/Name
      • Extraction of Extended/Stubbed messages
    • Seamless extraction to:
      • Native Exchange:  MSG, PST
      • Open Standard RFC822: EML
      • Gmail and Google Vault
      • Exchange on-premise (active mailbox or personal archive)
      • Exchange Online / Office 365 (Active mailbox or personal archive)
  • Message Stub Management

    Like many other email archive solutions, Symantec Enterprise Vault provided the ability to manage Exchange email box sizes by removing email messages and/or attachment from the user’s mailbox to the Enterprise Vault archive while keeping them accessible to end-users by leaving a pointer (or stub) behind for the end-user to click on to access the full email and attachment stored in the archive. With emails and attachments making up the vast majority of data stored on any Exchange server, message stubbing reduced the size of the email store producing a higher performance, more reliable email messaging system.

    But beware…Over time this stubbing capability can create hundreds of thousands or millions of stubs within Exchange triggering a different problem. When it comes time to migrate your Enterprise Vault archive, the presence of stubs will greatly complicate the migration process. For example; how does the migration solution account for and match the millions of stubs in the various Exchange email boxes for just those emails migrated from the Enterprise Vault archive.

    To ensure all stubs in Exchange are matched up and restored with the archived messages in Enterprise Vault, a Stub Rehydration™ process is critical. Archive 2-Anywhere is the only email archive migration solution that can systematically match-up and restore stubs with original archived messages, and remove leftover stubs from the Exchange server, in a forensically sound process.

  • The Enterprise Vault Migration Experts

    Archive360 has a deep understanding of the Enterprise Vault email archive platform and can provide Enterprise Vault customers a fast, easy and trouble-free solution for migrating your Enterprise Vault archive to newer, more powerful data management offerings.

    We are experts in working with the Enterprise Vault platform ensuring regulatory and eDiscovery compliance and have the required expertise to extract and migrate your Enterprise Vault archive in a legally defensible manner to other platforms such as Gmail and Google Vault, Exchange 2010/2013, Office 365, other archive systems, or the cloud.