Public Sector (Federal, State and Local Government)

Protect & Preserve Government Records for Easy & Quick Response

Federal, state and local governments have huge amounts of government records including email and other data related to the running of the government for specific periods of time. This data needs to be secure, but also easy to access in the event of citizen or agency requests.

However, many governmental agencies are limited by a tight budget and are stuck working with a clunky data storage system.

The cloud offers low-cost storage & easy access to data

Cloud data storage is a cost-effective option for government agencies. Many federal, state, and local governments have begun to move their live and archived email, Office applications and unstructured data to the Microsoft Cloud for access and long-term archiving.

When data is in the cloud, employees will have easier access to data. This means…

  • Faster access to data when faced with FOIA requests
  • Easy agency-wide record searches can be completed and responded to quickly

Cloud solutions tailored to government agencies

Archive360’s FastCollect and Archive2Azure solutions are specifically designed to work for the needs of government agencies. Our software:

  • Ensures compliance with complex regulations
  • Painlessly moves large amounts of live and archived data
  • Improves productivity of employees with an easy-to-use system

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