Insurance Services

Improve Profitability With Easier Access to Information

Insurance customers can be customers for decades. This means each policy has decades of “live but low touch” data that constantly builds up. Many insurance companies have terabytes of this data being stored in legacy systems that are difficult to search and access.

Fast access to insurance records in crucial to business operations

The insurance industry’s complex regulatory environment means there are many agencies to deal with on a daily basis. For example, insurance companies operating in all 50 states have 50 state insurance regulatory agencies to deal with. The profitability of an insurance company is in part directly linked to its ability to retrieve and deliver information quickly, ensure their information is handled securely, and they can find it quickly.

Cost-effective data storage options that make searching documents easy

Archive360 offers data storage and archiving solutions to help insurance agencies deal with a bulk of “live but low touch” data. We prioritize your data needs so you can save money with lower tiers of cloud-based storage for this infrequently accessed information.

Insurance organizations looking to make the move to Microsoft Office 365 can reduce cost and reduce the burden of managing complex email systems. Archive360 offers solutions to find and migrate data, and to store it in a way that is easy to access.

Our solutions help insurance agencies

  • Reduce costs of data storage
  • Painlessly move large amounts of data to the cloud while adhering to regulations
  • Improve productivity with a system that makes it easy to access data

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