Healthcare Service Providers

Data Storage Offers Compliance and Increases Operational Efficiency

Healthcare organizations have faced sweeping changes caused by the Affordable Care Act and by whatever changes may take its place in the coming months and years. These ongoing changes have put increasing pressure on healthcare organizations to be adaptable while also being mindful of budgets and increased operational efficiency.

Protect regulated information with cloud storage for archived data

To ensure compliance with current and future industry regulations, healthcare organizations must manage and protect regulated information, including email for all health personnel, Business Associates, and patients.

Archive360 managed cloud solutions make sense for healthcare

Some healthcare organizations have studied moving to cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft’s Office 365 for a more economical, secure, and comprehensive solution to deliver email, office productivity, and related document management services while meeting their stringent regulatory requirements.  In addition, because some healthcare document retention periods can reach into decades, healthcare organizations also are looking at preserving some records for extremely long periods of time in the low-cost Azure platform.
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